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Spirit Doll Workshop

Ritual doll making has a rich and varied history. For thousands of years, humans have created dolls for magic and religious ritual, for good luck, fertility and protection, as elaborate artworks and of course as children’s toys. Early dolls were created from clay, wood, bone, cloth and leather whilst more modern dolls have been made with porcelain and rubber.


In this workshop, you will be invited to use reclaimed fabrics, vintage lace and trims, embroidery, colour, symbols, numbers, herbs, bones, beads, buttons, shells, feathers and more to create a beautiful object infused with personal meaning. You are also invited to bring a special item or piece of cloth to incorporate into your work 

if you wish.

Uses for your figure can include as a focus for meditation or healing work, as a way to remember a loved one, to gain clarity or connect with your inner self, or to simply create a beautiful handcrafted gift.

Join us for a day of intention, stitching and reflection.

Contact me if you have a venue or a group of friends and would like to host a spirit doll workshop.

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