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In the Beginning

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Are You Thready?

Hey Threadsters and welcome to my teeny tiny snippet of the internet.

My name is Bec and my business is called Thready Set Go. I am based in beautiful Northern NSW and I sew a small range of reusable every day products in the hopes to reduce some of the single use plastic getting around this planet. This site will be partly about what I make, partly about how I work and partly about whatever the heck I feel like.

Come with me as I figure it all out as I go along…


Going into Business…. Again

I cannot remember the last time I was so overwhelmed. I used to run a small business when I lived in Western Australia but it had waaaaaayy fewer online requirements.

I used to be a Lantern Maker by trade and would travel to towns all over Australia teaching communities to make lanterns.

The residencies would often culminate in a lantern parade or outdoor celebration of some sort. It was really valuable and transformative work, creating positive memories to last a lifetime.


Transition Into the Sewing World

Fun Fact: The word Janome means ‘Eye of the Serpent’ in Japanese on account of the shape of the bobbin casing.

Whilst my lantern making career was grand, I was mindful of the waste I was creating. In addition to that aspect, the work was quite emotionally challenging and I eventually decided to call it quits.

* Cue two years of fluffing around trying to figure out what to do with myself.

I have always loved sewing and I enjoy working for myself (and giving myself a dang good challenge) so I thought why not reinvent myself as a sewist and use some of the vast amount of existing fabrics?


Giving Recycled Materials a New Life

I have always really enjoyed the nostalgia of objects. I truly believe that objects hold memory.

My mum will tell you of the countless times I would come home from an op shop as a teenager and show off the latest vintage find whether it be a frock or some random piece of bric-a-brac.

I love the concept of intercepting a fabric at an op shop (aka thrift store) or garage sale (aka yard sale) and giving it a completely new lease on life. Using recycled materials gives me huge amounts of satisfaction.

Long Term Plans for Thready Set Go

I have started learning to sew clothing from a retired seamstress called Rosa who you may learn about in an upcoming post. She is wonderful and I hope to learn a lot about making clothes.

My long term vision is to open a small funky sewing studio in Lismore that is part retail and part sewing workshop space.

The slow fashion movement is becoming increasingly important as the planet cannot sustain the rate of consumption that we humans are accustomed to. It’s time to darn those socks, people!

Like this post? You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time –

May your bobbin always be full,

♥ bec

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