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Workroom Tour

Hey Threadsters and welcome to my teeny tiny snippet of the internet.

Well I thought as part of this getting to know me series I would show you around my workroom. This is where the ‘magic’ (and a lot of swearing) happens. Since moving house I have been able to spread out a bit and set up a functioning sewing space in my new home. It will probably evolve over time no doubt, but for now I’ll put the kettle on and take you on a tour.

Sewing In My Bedroom

That’s right, my bedroom is part sleep and part work. This is apparently not advisable, but for now I don’t mind it and I have the shortest commute to work ever!

There is the downside of work being right there when you wake up but call me crazy, I’d rather roll over in the morning and see vintage fabrics than possibly anything else in the world!

Incidentally, I swapped a jar of pickles for two Japanese folding screens that I’m currently upcycling to become a visual barrier between work and home. More about that later.

The Functionality of Space

One wall is floor to ceiling shelving, which I love. This has space for storage boxes below a sizeable bench, bench space for my overlocker, a great little photography nook and open shelving for fabrics, books, miscellaneous office items, etc. In addition to this I have two folding tables.

One of these is a fabulous folding formica table from the fifties that was an amazing score from a garage sale for five dollars. I am utterly in love with it and use it as my cutting table.

The other folding table is where all the sewing action happens. This is where projects waiting to be sewn live as well as thread stocks and bibs and bobs like my special chopstick. One day, I’ll tell you about my special chopstick and all of her friends..

Future Plans for the Sewing Studio…

Future plans for the sewing studio include the purchase of some much needed items like a folding lightbox so I can take amazing product photography, a printer and a snap press for future production of cloth menstrual pads (more on that in another post).

I would also like to move the sewing studio upstairs into the loft when the weather gets a bit cooler, but will see how that goes. Plans for the immediate future include sewing some more cutlery wraps for markets and retailers and experimenting with making sets of cloth napkins.

If you’d like to see more about Thready Set Go, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

FYI The online shop is happening people. One bite at a time.

My email is

Until next time –

May your bobbin always be full,

♥ bec

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