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Maiden Voyage

The First Markets

Hey Threadsters and welcome to my little snippet of the internet.

It happened. I attended my first two markets as a legit business. Let me fill you in. Lismore Farmers’ Market is a lovely produce market held every Saturday at Lismore Showground.

The produce market has started to bring in some crafties to showcase local makers, which is wonderful.

I have known Jacob, the market manager for a number of years and he was happy to have Thready Set Go come and set up shop.

What Was On Offer?

Thready Set Go had an array of reusable everyday products for sale including reusable makeup removers, washable nursing pads, wash cloths and cutlery wraps.

I love creating practical, everyday eco-friendly products for like-minded people.

My neighbours were the lovely people from Hanging Rock Flowers who were selling sunflowers, native posy tins and handmade jewellery. I decided to support them and buy a posy tin to put on my stall.

Lead Up To Market Day

The lead up to any event like that is usually a busy one, especially if you’re like me and a serial procrastinator. I love a good deadline, as they are fab for getting a lot done in a short amount of time.

When I’m on a deadline, the task at hand starts to replace mealtimes and general personal hygiene which is something I need to work on.

I did not get as much sewing done as I would like but I am good at letting go of my expectations as I often give myself more jobs than I can finish in any given time frame.

How Did The First Markets Go?

The first market was great for making connections with people but not so good on sales. It is primarily a farmers market, therefore folks are generally there for produce. I fared better at the second market, possibly as it was Easter weekend.

I saw a lot of lovely friends and had some great sewing conversations. Love a local Farmer's Market for building community!

I will continue to attend the Farmers Market and see how it goes, but it’s a fine line of making sure you’re there consistently for customers and paying stall fees for not many sales. I plan to attend different markets in the area until I find ones that work for me. I think the key is finding the right place/s and an online marketplace like Etsy is my next port of call.

If you would like to know which market I’ll be at next, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

For online shopping, you must be patient. The online shop is happening – this stuff is dang time consuming..

Or you can flick me an email at

Until next time –

May your bobbin always be full,

♥ bec

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